J Eddis Linton Awards Presentations 2002

The 2002 J. Eddis Linton Awards for Excellence in Records Management were presented at the National Convention in Adelaide on 16th September. Chris Fripp, RMAA National President, presented the awards to the three recipients. Chris also spoke about the achievements of J. Eddis Linton and the role of the awards in recognising excellence in records management. Chris encouraged members to nominate themselves and others for the awards.

Most Outstanding Individual – Anne Cornish

Anne Cornish and Chris Fripp

The Most Outstanding Individual Award was presented to Anne Cornish. Anne has worked in the records management industry for twenty years. She has been active in the RMAA, serving on her local branch for ten years and as a Federal Board Member for five years, where she served on three standards committees. Anne has also lectured in Records Management at Swinburne College. In 1994 Anne founded Records Solutions Pty Ltd, which is a company that now employs over seventy people. Anne’s consultancies include Electronic Document Management System Implementations at Melbourne Docklands Authority and Education Queensland.

Most Outstanding Group – Department of Infrastructure (Vic) for its VERS @DOI Project

Chris Fripp and Gail Nicholson (on behalf of Department of Infrastructure (Vic) Most Outstanding Group)

Accepted by Gail Nicholson

The Most Outstanding Group Award was presented to Gail Nicholson on behalf of the Department of Infrastructure for its VERS@DOI project. The Department of Infrastructure commenced its VERS project in 2000. The Victoria Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) is the Victorian Government standard that specifies a format for the long term preservation of electronic records. The department was selected to implement the VERS solution as a whole of Victorian government pilot. The VERS@DOI project was a catalyst for a new whole of Victorian government VERS initiative that recently received $8.2 million.

Most Outstanding Student – Jillian Jones

Chris Fripp and Jillian Jones (Most Outstanding Student)

The Most Outstanding Student Award was presented to Jillian Jones. Jillian completed her Bachelor of Science (Communication and Information Technology) from Edith Cowan University in July 2002. Jillian has been working in records management since 1997 and is currently working as a Recordkeeping Consultant for the State Records Office of Western Australia. Jillian is particularly interested in the challenges of records management including web-based business transactions.


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