J Eddis Linton Awards Presentations 2004

Now in its fifth year the Eddis Linton Awards continue to recognise excellence in records management and an outstanding commitment to the records management industry.

Outstanding Group Award – FREMANTLE PORTS

Fremantle Ports, a trading enterprise fully owned by the Western Australian Government, is the overall strategic manager of WA’s principal general cargo port. In 2000, with the new WA State Records Act about to be introduced, Fremantle Ports started an extensive Integrated Records and Document Management System Project with the goal to support the organisation’s strategic objectives by capturing, managing and preserving full and accurate records of its operations and intellectual property. The project, which was implemented in stages, involved introducing appropriate technology along with the further development of appropriate policies, procedures and workflows. Skills development training and an awareness raising program were part of the roll out.

The electronic document management component of the project incorporated the utilisation of cross-divisional teams and a detailed assessment at the end of each phase to monitor the softwares performance.

The Awards Committee felt that Fremantle Ports had demonstrated an extensive and detailed long term project incorporating a thorough approach and a high level of commitment to “getting it right”.

Outstanding Individual Award – KEMAL HASANDEDIC

Keal hasandedic and Chris Fripp

Kemal has 19 years experience in records management in local government and was one of 4 records management professionals in local government to foster and promote the creation of a Local Government Chapter under the Queensland Branch of the RMAA, having held executive roles on the Chapter for its entire seven years of existence.

Those who nominated Kemal describe him as an individual who has promoted and supported the interests of Queensland local government records management through active involvement in the establishment and ongoing development of the Local Government Chapter. He actively takes records management ‘to the streets’ campaigning ‘where no man has gone before’ into such difficult and tasking places as Rockhampton, Cairns and Townsville.

His passion for the promotion of Queensland’s Information Standards has seen him infiltrate other organisations to initiate and stimulate interest in his ever consuming passion and in doing so, Kemal has created a growing awareness of the need for responsible records and information management, particularly in Northern Queensland.

The Award Committee felt that Kemal had demonstrated a passionate commitment to the records management industry, outside of his RMAA responsibilities, and is seen as a role model in Queensland Local Government by his peers.

Outstanding Student Award

No nominations were received in the category of Outstanding Student.

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