Objective Article of the Year Award 2005

Articles which appeared in IQ and have been considered for the 2004-2006 Award covered subjects ranging from biometrics to emails, education to history, EDRMS to ethics. Many of those articles have been picked up by a RIM industry publication in the UK, have been published on intranets, have even been quoted by USA Today.

To present the awards, Chris introduced Gerry Williams, Objective Corporation’s National Sales Manager Asia Pacific. Gerry said that from a shortlist of 11 articles, the judges for the 2004-2005 award came down to a final group of three articles which they felt best met the criteria. They were original, they had an involving, readable style, and they showed the author’s thorough grasp of their subject matter.

While Laurie Varendorff’s ‘Trojan Horse Program’ article qualified in all three respects, the judges would have liked to have seen the author discuss the implications of his subject in more depth.

Gerry said that the judges were so impressed with one article, they awarded a Highly Commended Certificate, to Stephen Macinstosh’s ‘Making DIRKS Work.’ In the words of the Objective Corporation’s judge: “I liked the frank and useful suggestions to the National Archives of Australia. Hopefully this will be helpful to the next agency embarking on a DIRKS project.”


The 2004-2005 Objective IQ Article of the Year Award went to Michael Steemson, for ‘The Worldwide Impact of ISO 15489.’ Mike was in the UK at the time unable to be present to receive the award.

His article chronicled the worldwide impact of an Australian recordkeeping initiative which has now had a broad international impact. One judge commented: “I found it impressive for its breadth.”

The judges felt that Mike’s readable style and in-depth research made this article one that could be read and understood by people both inside and outside the industry, and was a great advertisement for records and information management.

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