J Eddis Linton Awards Presentations 2006

The J Eddis Linton Awards were introduced in 2000 to recognize outstanding contributions to the records management industry in three categories, being Student, Individual and Group. They are generously sponsored by the RMAA’s Queensland Branch. The number and quality of nominees received this year was heartening, so good in fact that the judging committee and the RMAA Board agreed to award two Group awards.

Outstanding Group Award – Hydro Tasmania

Accepting the 2006 J Eddis Linton Award in the Outstanding Group category is Margo Graeme-Evans for Hydro Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania recognised that as storage and transmission of documents increasingly becomes primarily electronic, that they must adopt appropriate management policies and techniques equivalent to those for hard copy records. Through the acquisition and implementation of hardware and software comprising a document management repository and environment, and associated search tools, including deployment across Hydro Tasmania, process development, training and document conversion, Hydro Tasmania has ensured that they have introduced the necessary policy, systems, infrastructure, and processes to meet its statutory obligations as they relate to Document Management.

Through their project Hydro Tasmania ensured that the Corporation’s information asset is secure and enhanced the availability and value of the Corporation’s information asset by improving document management practices (and “culture”) to enable the Corporation to meet challenges on competitive behaviour. Hydro Tasmania demonstrated a very good project which combined many different elements to arrive at a records management program that will ensure quality records across the organisation. Accepting the award on behalf of Hydro Tasmania was Margo Graeme-Evans who accepted the award saying “it has been a challenge to manage our electronic records and I believe it will remain a challenge for many years to come”.

Outstanding Group Award – Queensland Transport

Accepting the 2006 J Eddis Linton Award in the Outstanding Group category is Queensland Transport

Queensland Transport established a specialist unit to provide a range of strategic information & recordkeeping advisory services to assist the transport portfolio (Queensland Transport and Department of Main Roads) and its external clients to improve and sustain their information and recordkeeping practices and to comply with whole-of-government standards. The unit consists of information and recordkeeping specialists with capabilities in policy and standard development; classification; retention and disposal; training development; compliance; and communication.

An Information & Recordkeeping Framework was developed and introduced to employees as a one-stop-shop relating to all things recordkeeping, it contains information and recordkeeping policies, standards, procedures, guidelines classification scheme, disposal schedules, frequently asked questions and training modules. They demonstrated an impressive portfolio of achievement in a large and complex organisation and provided evidence of significant business reengineering of processes and the raising of the profile of records management across the organisation. Accepting the award on behalf of Queensland Transport was Julie Apps who brought her team up on stage with her saying ‘my role was to build a passionate, skilled team who could then who could then build tools and implement change…and they did”.

Outstanding Individual Award – Stephanie Ciempka

Stephanie Ciempka

Stephanie Ciempka (ACT) has continually developed innovative recordkeeping practices that deliver improved recordkeeping compliance and understanding in a Government Sector. As a result her employer DEST was successful in winning the 2005 J Eddis Linton Award for Outstanding Group. In addition on a personal level Stephanie was instrumental in setting up the Certificate and Accreditation process for the Certificate 3 & 4 in Recordkeeping, within DEST. Stephanie has the highest level of commitment to records and information management issues.

She has demonstrated this through her ongoing membership with the RMAA and the peer network that she has developed for the purpose of debating Recordkeeping and information management issues. Stephanie has contributed significantly to the development of the profession over the past 35 years. Her aim is to continually engage and encourage debate between the profession and the various authorities to ensure the profile and level of understanding is continually improved. Stephanie’s commitment and dedication to the profession is evident by the significant investment of her personal time that she devotes to developing the profession and ensuring collaboration and discussion is always active between various industry and government agencies.

Much personal sacrifice has gone into this and Stephanie has achieved great results and is held in very high regard by all who know her in the profession, both those who support her ideas and those who do not. A shocked Stephanie accepted her award saying “I am passionate about records management and do not make apologies for that, you need to be passionate about what you do.”

Outstanding Student Award – Melissa Okely

Melissa Okely (WA) completed her qualifications in 2005, obtaining a double degree Bachelor of Science (Communication & Information Technology) and Bachelor of Science (Library Technology). She obtained a course average of 82.75% (High Distinction) and was awarded the Australian Library and Information Association Prize for Undergraduate Librarianship as graduating student with the highest course weighted average.

In addition she won the ASA’s Mander Jones Award (Student Category) in September 2003 and the Golden Key International Honour Society (New Member Undergraduate Scholarship) in November 2001. Whilst studying Melissa also worked in the Library, Records and Archives fields at University of Western Australia and State Library of Western Australia. Melissa has demonstrated an outstanding achievement in her studies and an ongoing commitment to the industry. Melissa was thrilled to win the award but unfortunately could not make it to Cairns to accept it personally due to other commitments.

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