J Eddis Linton Awards Presentations 2007

The J Eddis Linton Awards were introduced in 2000 to recognize outstanding contributions to the records management industry in three categories, being Student, Individual and Group. They are generously sponsored by the RMAA’s Queensland Branch.

Outstanding Group Award – Government Recordkeeping Branch of State Records Authority of NSW

Kirsten Thorpe on behalf of NSW State Records

The Government Recordkeeping program of State Records was formed in May 1998 with the amalgamation of the Records Management Office and the Disposal Services section of the Archives Office of NSW. The Government Recordkeeping Branch was instrumental in the drafting and implementation of the NSW State Records Act 1998 which introduced a new regime for recordkeeping in the NSW Public Sector, including compliance audits for recordkeeping in the sector. The introduction of a new legislation has improved the state or recordkeeping in the NSW public sector and the NSW example has been used as a model in other jurisdictions in Australia. The excellent standards and guidance developed by State Records are a source of useful guidance for recordkeeping professionals everywhere. In particular, the Government Recordkeeping Manual is the compendium of standards, advice and guidance for the NSW Public Sector. The Government Recordkeeping Branch has been active in preparing and promulgating standards, advice and guidance on a wide range of records management topics. This material is designed to assist NSW Public Sector organisations implement the State Records Act 1998 and manage their obligations under the Act. The standards developed by State Records have been adapted and adopted in other jurisdictions, for example, the Standard on the Physical Storage of State Records, NRKMS (New South Wales Recordkeeping Metadata Standard), and Standard on Full and Accurate Records.

Outstanding Individual Award – Barbara Reed

Barbara Reed - 2007 Linton 'Individual' winner

Barbara Reed is a recognised industry leader with more than 20 years practical experience in consulting, working in collaboration with information technology specialists and management consultants. Her consulting experience includes clients in private industry, all tiers of government and non-profit organisations. However, Barbara’s biggest contribution to the profession as a whole has been through her standards work and for her academic research and it is this for which she is probably most well known.

Outstanding Student Award – Natalie Goodban

Natalie Goodban

Natalie has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the records profession as well as demonstrating a strong academic achievement. Natalie completed her Masters in Information Management at Curtin University in December 2006, whilst studying Natalie also worked in the records and information management industry in a variety of roles in Local Government, Commonwealth Government and Private Enterprise, further developing her practical knowledge and implementing her learnings. In her vision of records management statement, Natalie touched on numerous issues within the records community from managing knowledge to disaster recovery, demonstrating a strong grasp of the industry and the need for trained staff. Natalie stated “it is important to emphasise the value of good people practices to further support the progression of records and information management. The future direction of records management will require greater involvement in staff training, facilitating and problem solving, educating the end users to better use the systems developed. This should be seen as a strategic investment, for as the user errors reduce and the systems operate properly, more time becomes available for the records manager to devote to process improvement and measuring the value of business intelligence”.

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