Objective Article of the Year Award 2009


  •  Robert Thornton for “Insuring Archives: How to insure the irreplaceable” 
  • Michael Steemson for “Records Security problems in Hong Kong: Can you bank on it?” 
  • Jane Larke for “Taking Curtin into the 21st century” 
  • Anastasia Govan for “Project management methodology for implementing an EDRMS” 
  • Sally Algate for “Useful skills for the records manager of today” 
  • Paula Smith for “Making RIM relevant” 
  • Robert Bromwich for “Government access cards: A key to fraud and identity theft?” 
  • Andrew Warland for “Have you fallen into the generation gap?”
  • Frank McKenna for “Do you really need a taxonomy/classification scheme with a records management system?”


 Paula Smith for “Making RIM Relevant”

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