J Eddis Linton Awards Presentations 2010

Named after J Eddis Linton, one of the founders of the RMAA, the J Eddis Linton Awards, celebrate his outstanding contribution to records management across three categories, individual group and student.

Information Proficiency – Outstanding Individual Award

This category is sponsored by Information Proficiency and is aimed at those RMAA members who have achieved excellence in records and information management & contributed highly to the profession. This award can be self nominated or nominated by an independent person or group.


  • Keith Smithers – for his work in and promotion of records in NSW local government on behalf of the RMAA
  • Nancy Taia – for her work in and promotion of records in Queensland local government particularly at Logan City Council
  • Matt O’Mara – for his work in and promotion of records within NZ and internationally
  • Greg Navin – for his work in NSW local government including on the City of Ryde’s E-TRIM case management solution, and presentations on numerous records related topics

Winner – Matt O’Mara

Matt O'Mara accepts his award from David Pryde

Matt has over 20 years experience in information management. During this time Matt has made a considerable effort to share the knowledge and experience he has gained with colleagues. He has achieved this by presenting at numerous conferences (this includes presentations in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Singapore) and talking to organisations about various information management endeavours.

During Matt’s career he has worked in all aspects of information management.  Roles have included project managing EDRMS implementations through to managing corporate wide strategic information management programmes and leading business transformation.

Matt is also an adjunct faculty member at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand for the information and library studies courses and has been a guest lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington on the Master of Library and Information Studies course.

He has written a number of articles on information management, served on advisory bodies and has been approached by a number of organisations for his advice and guidance. Advisory groups have included representing local government on the Archives New Zealand Recordkeeping Metadata Standard Advisory Group and the user panel for the Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records (MoReq) International Specification.

Matt has made a substantial contribution to progressing information management within not just Wellington City Council but also nationally in his work on the board of the Association of Local Government Information Management Inc (ALGIM).   He has also for the last three years organised a local government records symposium to share knowledge and information – this was the first forum specifically for local government information management of its kind in New Zealand and has proved highly successful.  Matt has led the development of a web-based expert system providing information and knowledge management tools and subject matter expertise on behalf of ALGIM. This will be made available to local government entities in New Zealand and overseas.

Matt’s achievements in his current role at Wellington City Council have included substantially increasing staff engagement; pioneering the use of online learning to support the introduction of an EDRMS; transforming business processes through the innovative use of GIS; developing new services such as a training course run by our Corporate Library in online and database search strategies; being involved in running our leaders forum and improvements to the way they articulate their services to customers.  Matt’s nomination demonstrated not only his passion for information management but his generosity in sharing knowledge.

The Linton Awards Committee chose Matt’s nomination because of his ongoing work and influences in records and information management both locally and in an international context.

EzeScan – Most Outstanding Group

This category is sponsored by Ezescan and is aimed at those RMAA members who as a group have achieved excellence in records and information management and contributed highly to the profession.


  • SWIM / ALGIM (Association of Local Government Information Management)– Development of an information management toolkit
  • National Australia Bank – Project Greenwood initiated a paradigm shift in thinking which triggered the development of a new Risk Records Management Governance Model
  • EnergyAustralia – Delivery of a new records management framework (REX Program)
  • Queensland Dept Transport & Main Roads (Recordkeeping and Information Governance Unit) – Document Management System Upgrade Project
  • Hunter Council Records Management Group – Development and successful implementation of an education program in the Hunter region
  • Fremantle Ports – Continued best practice and implementation of a Recordkeeping plan

Winner – EnergyAustralia (REX Program)

Sponsor Mike Kirkby (Ezescan) – Sheryl Mapp and Gaye Pracy (EnergyAustralia)

In 2008, EnergyAustralia (EA) commenced delivery of a new records management framework across 6,500 staff and 25 locations in Sydney and the Hunter/Newcastle/Central Coast areas of NSW. This new program would not only raise the profile and practice of recordkeeping but build a set of tools and a framework that would prepare the organisation for the move to digital compliance in 2012.

The key components of this program include:

  • Branding – providing recordkeeping with a face and an image
  • Resources – providing adequate and skilled resources to deliver the program including a strong change management component
  • Training model – using a three-tiered training model to cater for a staff as diverse as professionals (engineers) and field staff (electricians)
  • System configuration – in order to minimise a change to using an EDRMS, a network drive ‘lookalike’ interface has been used to bridge the gap between current network drives and new software, HP TRIM

By the end of Sep 2010, 2,000 new users will have been trained in REX and be working with the new tools. Training involves knowledge of records management as a function and training in the REX tools e.g. in the use of HP TRIM, the REX engine.

The REX Program has been highly successful to date in its innovation; its high profile across EnergyAustralia; its successful training model and delivery; and its use of change management as a key tool to drive it. It has strong executive level support and is widely viewed as being a successful program.

The RMAA Linton Award Panel agreed.

Student of the Year Award

This category is awarded to a student who has achieved excellence in educational studies in records and information management. The award is open to both full time and part time students who have completed a dedicated records and information management course in the previous 12 months (July to June).

Winner – Sharon Newell

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