Rumpelstiltskin Awards for use of Listserv and Forums 2010

Recognises quality contributions to the RMAA Listserv and Forums in a number of categories.

 Listserv / Forum Discussion Award

This award category recognises optimal usage of the technology to share and exchange information in a group setting.


Michael Alchin

For “Should governments archive social media posts?” Posted: 17 February 2010

 Listserv / Forum Newsletter Award

This award category recognises the effective utilisation of the technology to disseminate newsletters. The award is presented to the most excellent electronic newsletter with the highest standards, effectiveness, overall creativity and value.


Unfortunately no-one!  While several branches called for newsletter contributions and/or announced their newsletters availability through the Listserv no-one actually distributed a newsletter via the Listserv or Forums in 2009/2010

Listserv / Forum Announcement Award

This award category recognises excellence in one way announcements. The award is presented to the most outstanding announcement that demonstrates the ability to reach the right people with the right information at the right time.


Lisa Judge, Archives NZ

for “Consistent promotion of industry specific topics and encouraging professional development seminars”

Listserv / Forum Innovation Award

This award category recognises overall innovation in the implementation of Listserv / Forums.


Tim Roberts & Richard Hopping, Mailroom Dynamics

For “Is it safe to handle”

 Grand Prize

The Grand Prize honours the “author” with the most successful and beneficial posting. This award recognises the positive results that organisations and individuals can achieve using email list / forum technology.


Andrew Warland

for “Consistent approach to disseminate information on widespread topics to the community”

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