iRMA 2010 released

RIM Professionals Australasia is pleased to announce the release of iRMA 2010.

iRMA is the RIM Professionals Australasia’s Information & Records Management Annual and this edition is packed with ten refereed articles and case studies which are sure to add value to your workplace.  They are:

  1. Reinventing Records Classification – Cathy Ashton and Barbara Reed
  2. Recordkeeping Compliance: What is It All About? – Judith Ellis
  3. Assessing Information Culture: A Framework for Records Managers – Gillian Oliver
  4. Gender Differences in Local Government Knowledge Workers – Kye O’Donnell
  5. Aligning an Information Strategy with the Corporate Strategic Direction: How Information Strategies at the Water Corporation of Western Australia have Adapted Over the Past Decade – Trissa Dent
  6. Mature Public e-Services Without Mature Recordkeeping – An Impossibility? – Karen Anderson, Erik Borglund and Göran Samuelsson
  7. e-Government Development and Recordkeeping: A Comparative Study of e-Government Best Practice in Swedish Municipalities – Maria Kallberg
  8. Information Management Strategies in Two Swedish Municipalities: Similarities with Enterprise Content Management – Proscovia Svärd
  9. Developments in Dutch Archival Law and Government Records Management Policy 1995-2010 – Bas de Groot
  10. The Grey Area of Ephemera – Roberta A. Cowan

iRMA is available free to all members as an ezine and to Fellow and Chartered Member members in the members only area .  It is also available for purhase on CD through the online store for members and non members alike.

Cost of iRMA on CD is:

Non Members: AU$70.00 (+ GST if applicable)
Individual and Corporate Members:  AU$50.00 (+ GST if applicable)
Associate Members:  AU$30.00 (+ GST if applicable)
Fellow and Chartered Member members:  AU$10.00 (+ GST if applicable)

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