J Eddis Linton Award Winners 2011

Named after J Eddis Linton, one of the founders of RIM Professionals Australasia, the J Eddis Linton Awards, celebrate his outstanding contribution to records management across three categories, individual group and student.

Information Proficiency Outstanding Individual Award

This category is sponsored by Information Proficiency and is aimed at those RIM Professionals Australasia members who have achieved excellence in records and information management & contributed highly to the profession. This award can be self nominated or nominated by an independent person or group.

Six nominations were received this year.

 Having considered all of the nominations the judging committee came to the decision that every one of the nominees have influenced their workplaces and demonstrated a strong, long term commitment to the records and information management industry and the association.  All of the nominees scored equally in this area.

 It was not felt that any of the nominees had demonstrated an outstanding level of excellence in best practice or innovation (ie new thinking, inventiveness) and whilst they were all worthy of recognition for their ongoing commitment no one stood out against the others for their efforts.

 Therefore to be fair to all nominees the Individual category will not be awarded this year.

EzeScan Most Outstanding Group

This category is sponsored by Ezescan and is aimed at those RIM Professionals Australasia members who as a group have achieved excellence in records and information management and contributed highly to the profession.

Winner – Scenic Rim Regional Council, Queensland

Sandra Cormack and Nikki Blyton from Scenic Rim Regional Council

In 2009, the Records Team within Scenic Rim Regional Council was presented with a 51 page Outstanding Audit Items Report, the results of an internal Record Keeping audit within Scenic Rim Regional Council.

The records team took pride in their work, and they took this report personally.  They felt they had failed in their jobs.  This was a disaster they needed to manage.


A phone call to Queensland State Archives (QSA) set the Records Team off on a journey that changed their world as a Records team.  This phone call occurred at the time QSA was reviewing their methodology and templates for the Strategic Recordkeeping Implementation Plan (SRIP) and Operational Recordkeeping Implementation Plan (ORIP).  The Records Team tool this opportunity to be involved in this review.


Further to involvement in this process, the Records Team produced a Record Management Program – a concise document that provided an overview of the Recordkeeping environment in Council    the who, what, when, where, why and how.  This document was presented to, and adopted by Council’s Executive Team.


Next, the Records Team undertook an extensive project utilising the tools provided by QSA which resulted in both a Strategic Recordkeeping Implementation Plan (SRIP) and Operational Recordkeeping Implementation Plan (ORIP) being completed.  These plans formed the basis for demonstrating to the Internal Audits their 51 page Audit Report was “in good management and under control”.   The Records Team were able to breathe a sigh of relief.


Two key action items were selected for immediate implementation:

  1. Recordkeeping Audit Program
  2. Training Program

A Hardcopy Recordkeeping Program and Electronic Recordkeeping Program was developed.  Audits were then conducted against the Hardcopy Recordkeeping program, with results being passed to Management, for their ownership of identified gaps.   A mandatory Training Program was developed, and all staff are progressively being trained.  New staff have a rigorous training program that is proving successful.


Further to this, the Records Team actively participate in Team Meetings, conduct User Group meetings quarterly, actively participate in regional Recordkeeping forums, and visit other Council’s.    They have also introduced a Records Champion trophy, which they present to individuals or teams in Council, who demonstrate good recordkeeping practices.  Additionally, they have all enrolled and commenced a Certificate IV in Recordkeeping.


Student of the Year Award

Debra Leigo

This category is awarded to a student who has achieved excellence in educational studies in records and information management. The award is open to both full time and part time students who have completed a dedicated records and information management course in the previous 12 months (July to June).

Winner – Debra Leigo

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