Name the Branch Newsletter

RIM Professionals Australasia recently released a new Branch Newsletter template and the new name we came up with met with a less than positive response so we are giving you the chance to name the newsletter.

 Suggestions will be received between Friday 11th February and Wednesday 16th February 2011 – CLICK HERE TO SUGGEST NAME

 On Friday 18th February for one day only all members will have the opportunity to vote on their first and second preference.

 The chosen name will become the new newsletter name for ALL RIM Professionals Australasia Branches and the person who suggested it (or the first person to suggest it if more than one does) will receive a gift pack of goodies for their effort.

 Things to remember:

  • You cannot use RMAA in any format (eg infoRMAA)
  • You cannot use a time reference (eg Monthly, Quarterly and so on) in the name
  • When sent out the newsletter will have the name followed by the Branch (eg Fred’s Feedbag – NSW Branch Newsletter)
  • It needs to be G rated
  • It needs to be fresh, modern and related to the RIM industry

 Happy brainstorming!

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