Queensland seminar – Tell tale signs of recordkeeping decay

Tell tale signs of recordkeeping decay

Peter Cantwell, Queensland Ombudsman’s Office

This presentation details The tell-tale signs of Recordkeeping Decay encountered during Ombudsman investigations into administrative decisions

Peter has identified what, in his opinion, are the top 10 tell – tale signs. He will be discussing what is referred to in his office as ‘mistake based’ learning, and how, as regulators, things that go wrong are generally the things we remember.

Peter’s comments are observational, and all of the examples he provides refer to real examples from files and investigations he has seen or done.

Prepared and presented by Peter Cantwell.  Peter joined the Queensland Ombudsman’s Office in 1997 as an Investigator and was appointed an Assistant Ombudsman in 1999.

He leads the Major Projects Team, a work unit responsible for the conduct of complex and sensitive investigations that require significant dedicated time and resources and which may involve the use of coercive powers.  In recent times, Peter has managed both the Brooke Brennan and Baby Kate child death investigations and the Workplace Electrocution Project, the largest investigative project ever undertaken by the Queensland Ombudsman’s Office. All of these investigations were the subject of public reports tabled in the Queensland Parliament.

When: 7.15am to 9am, 12 April

Where: Holiday Inn, Brisbane

Cost: $30  (Corporate and Affiliate rate, discounts apply for professional members)

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