Competition – Name the theme for inForum 2013

In 2013 inForum will be held in Canberra, 8-11 September.  As 2013 will also celebrate Canberra’s centenary one of the convention streams will be dedicated to site visits of the nation’s information institutions as most of them are based in Canberra.

This is your opportunity to come up with the theme for the 2013 convention.  The winning entry will receive a free registration to attend the 2013 convention in Canberra.  Entries open on Thursday 29th March 2012 and close on Friday 25th May 2012. 

Multiple entries are allowed however there can be only one winner and each entry must be provided separately.  In the event that there is more than one identical winning entry the first one received will win.

 To enter go to:

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