Is it time to upgrade your membership status?

Whatever your current membership status you may be eligible to upgrade to a higher level, or if currently not a professional member become one.

In addition to the benefits of membership enjoyed by all members (see Membership Benefits) professional members also benefit from:

  • Further discounts to ALL RIM Professionals Australasia events (10% for Associates and 15% for Chartered Member and Fellow’s)
  • Discounts on goods and publications in the RIM Professionals Australasia Online Store
  • Opportunity to attend local events supported by RIM Professionals Australasia for free
  • Ability to hold positions of authority and influence on Branch Council and the Company Board, giving you the ability to shape your Branch and profession
  • Ability to vote at the Company AGM, thereby having a direct influence on the Company and the RIM Industry
  • Access to limited areas in the Members Only website
  • Continuing Professional Development Scheme – ensures you maintain and improve your current skills and knowledge
  • Recognition by employers (present and future) and peers that you are acknowledged as a professional by the peak industry association in your field and as such have an ongoing commitment to maintain and improve your current skills and knowledge

To see if you are eligible to apply for a membership upgrade please view the appropriate quick survey:

Associate status:

Chartered Member:


For more information on how to upgrade see  Membership Upgrade

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