IQ Article Archive Re-Launched

RIM Professionals Australasia are pleased to announce that they have re-launched the IQ Article Archive in the Members Only area of their website.  The Article archive holds PDF copies of more than 550 articles representing every issue of IQ spanning its 29 years and will continue to be updated with each issues release.  The articles, which are listed in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest, have been divided into seven main categories as follows:

  • Influencing
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • International
  • Interviews
  • Preservation, Access, Storage and Destruction
  • Professional Development, Education and Training
  • Standards, Governance, Risk and Compliance


This re-launch represents the completion of Phase 1 of the Association’s IQ Article Archive project which took more than six months to complete.  In Phase 2 the Association will investigate including a search engine into the Archive.   The IQ Article Archive will particularly assist students and researchers, as well as any other interested members of RIM Professionals Australasia. 

Should you identify a link that does not work, or feel that an articles classification is grossly incorrect please email Kristen Keley with detailed information:

If you are having trouble accessing the Members Only area, or have forgotten your log in details or password please contact Maree Cooper:

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