J Eddis Linton Awards 2013 – Winners

Named after J Eddis Linton, one of the founders of RIM Professionals Australasia, the J Eddis Linton Awards, celebrate his outstanding contribution to records management across three categories, individual, group and student.

Information Proficiency Most Outstanding Individual

This category is aimed at those RIM Professionals Australasia members who have achieved excellence in records and information management & contributed highly to the profession.  This award can be self nominated or nominated by an independent person or group.

 WINNER           Linda Shave, Qld

L to R - Linda Shave, Alex White, Lisa Read-White

 About the winner:

Linda has spent a lifetime acquiring knowledge and experience as a researcher, senior business consultant and analyst in the areas of information management, business process management, workflow automation and corporate governance in the public and private sectors in Australia and overseas. Linda was the recipient of the ComputerWorld Honors Program in Washington DC. She has chaired and presented at numerous national and international conferences, has published numerous articles and has gained recognition as a specialist in providing streamlined business solutions that drive continuous improvement, benefit realisation and governance.

Ezescan Most Outstanding Group

This category is aimed at those RIM Professionals Australasia members who as a group have achieved excellence in records and information management and contributed highly to the profession.

WINNER      Logan City Council – Allconnex Water Disestablishment Records Transition Project

Meryl Bourke and Mike Kirkby

 About the winner:

Allconnex Water was established in July 2010 and was made up of the Logan City, Redland City and Gold Coast City Council water divisions, with Logan City Council providing services under a number of Service Level Agreements.  In February 2012, the State Government passed legislation that Allconnex Water would become a disestablished business.   This meant that from the 1st July 2012, each Council would take back control and management of water and wastewater services for their respective communities. 

The Records Transition project was one of many key areas identified as a critical business function.  The Project team was led by Logan City Council’s Records Management Program and the total number of records to be tagged was almost 200,000.  The transfer of records included both physical and electronic records and Logan received approximately 45 archive boxes of physical records and over 30,000 electronic documents.

Major issues included the extraction of records from the RecordPoint system to an acceptable format for all Councils to migrate as well as the loss of valuable knowledge and resources through key corporate services staff leaving during the project.

The Records Management Program developed a change management strategy to assist the water staff transitioning back to Council.  They developed tip sheets, provided training, held regular meetings and updates and placed a Records staff member at one of the major water depots on the first day of transition to assist with any matters.  They also needed to develop a contingency plan, so that staff could still access records after the disestablishment of the business and prior to the migration.

 Although past the initial deadline, the reclassification project was finalised by the Records staff in January 2013. 

 Records Solutions Student of the Year

This category is awarded to a student who has achieved excellence in educational studies in records and information management. The award is open to both full time and part time students who have completed a dedicated records and information management course in the previous 12 months (July to June).

WINNER                    Nicole Thorne-Vicatos
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