NZ RIM Scholarship – Applications Open

A core objective of the Records Information Management Professionals Australasia is to promote recordkeeping and information management as a profession, whilst developing and enhancing excellence through education and continuing personal development in all disciplines of information management

 The corner stone of this objective is education and the personal development of its membership. Members are encouraged to enhance their “skills” through achievement of accredited qualifications and attendance at vocational training opportunities as a supplement to “life skills” to increase their value to current or future employers.

 To underpin this strategy, the NZ Branch Council committed to the provision of a Records & Information Management (RIM) Scholarship as a proactive action to promote and support the future of recordkeeping on a yearly basis.

The scholarship has two main motivations, firstly to support new or current members to achieve higher qualifications and professional membership for their personal development. The second motivation is to promote RIM as a legitimate “career of choice” to school leavers who are undecided on their future rather than something that people “fall into”.

Each New Year brings in the opportunity to set new goals, dreams and aspirations.  The New Zealand Branch’s own scholarship gives a member the support to fulfil their goals of entering the profession, further enhancing their career opportunities or achieving higher membership through academic qualifications.

 Is this for you?

 The scholarship, now in its fourth year was a goal of the NZ Branch Council’s to add value to our members and demonstrate its commitment to continuing professional development in support of the Board’s Education Strategy. 

Many of our branches have similar types of scholarship successfully operating for many years, assisting members to achieve their educational goals. It is a great achievement that the Branch is able to sustain the financial support of the scholarship through the proceeds of its vocational seminar calendar through the year.

 The scholarship is represented as financial support for course fees and books up to the value of $2000. Depending on the value of applications received, more than one scholarship may be provided in a single year.

 Records & Information Management Professionals Australasia are calling for applications for financial assistance to study in RIM disciplines for the 3 semesters of 2013 – separate applications are required for future years.

The 2013 applications close at 5.00pm on Friday 5th April 2013


For more details or to download and application form CLICK HERE

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