Rumpelstiltskin Awards 2013

Recognise quality contributions to the RIM Professionals Australasia Listserv

Listserv / Forum Discussion Award

This award category recognises optimal usage of the technology to share and exchange information in a group setting.

Jessica Lawrence – Business Classification Schemes” posted on (26/3/13)

 Listserv/Forum Announcement Award

This award category recognises excellence in one way announcements. The award is presented to the most outstanding announcement that demonstrates the ability to reach the right people with the right information at the right time.

The One Umbrella

Listserv / Forum Innovation Award

This award category recognises overall innovation in the implementation of Listserv / Forums.


Alison Toohey for seeking input on “Developing e-learning modules for Knowledge Services Training” posted on (24/9/12) 



Grand Prize

The Grand Prize honours the “author” with the most successful and beneficial posting. This award recognises the positive results that organisations and individuals can achieve using email list / forum technology.


Vincent IshwarLegal basis for recordkeeping in Private organisations” posted on (22/1/13)

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