2014 J Eddis Linton Award Winners

Established in 2000 the J Eddis Linton Awards for excellence in records and information management are awarded annually in 3 categories and are presented at a Gala Awards Dinner as part of inForum. The winner of each category will receive a Plaque valued at $250 and a $500 Coles Group Gift Card.

Category – Records Solutions Student of the Year

Nominations shortlisted were:

  • Andrew Harris
  • Julie Walker
  • Karen Seligman
Winner:    Julie Walker

About Julie:

Julie Walker recently completed an Advanced Diploma Management Course, having already completed an Advanced Diploma in Recordkeeping.  Throughout her course Julie consistently delivered high quality assignments based on practical workplace examples.  While undertaking the course Julie also implemented a number of information projects at her workplace.

Category – Information Proficiency / Sigma Data Most Outstanding Individual

Nominations shortlisted were:

  • Chris Simpson
  • Debbie Cutts
  • Mark Roberts
Winner:    Debbie Cutts

About Debbie:

Debbie has an extensive RM and IM background and has contributed vastly to the industry during her 30 year career.  Contributions to the industry include past involvement in the RIMPA Mentoring program.  More recently she has also gained approval for practicum students from Curtin University’s Information and Records Management program to be placed at Fremantle Ports. Debbie ensures that each student works on strategic projects, such as a review of Fremantle Ports’ recordkeeping plan. She also ensures each student has an agreed learning outcome and learns from real life record keeping experience.  Debbie has written articles on best practice RM and IM and is regularly invited to present at IM forums. Her presentations often results in organisations wanting to visit the Port to share and learn from our Journey.  Debbie’s staff identify her strong vision and leadership to the success of Fremantle Ports Corporate Information Services Branch’s, having won the Western Australian State Records Commission WS Lonnie Award twice (2010 and 2014) and the RIMPA J Eddis Linton Award Group Category (2004).  Within Fremantle Ports, Debbie has placed significant emphasis on building relationships in the IT area and this relationship means that best practice IM and RM is factored in when upgrades and new systems are planned.

ategory – EzeScan Most Outstanding Group

Nominations shortlisted were:

  • Munitions Branch, Department of Defence
  • Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Wellington City Council
Winner:    Wellington City Council

About the WCC:

Wellington City Council embarked upon an ambitious programme to implement an Enterprise level Content Management Solution (OpenText Content Server) to replace five existing systems and provide a single repository for all content including for the first time making archival material available and accessible to users across the Council in order to support business processes.  All from a single point.

TROVE, or “The Repository of Virtually Everything”, presents a truly integrated approach to the management of electronic and physical documents, records and archives. Where previously staff had viewed the Records and Archives team as the place “you sent stuff when it’s done”, the team has engaged with the business and through hard work, enthusiasm and sheer force of will, have changed that perception (still an ongoing process) so that people across Council now see records and archival artefacts as having relevance and value to existing business processes.

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