Member Survey

Welcome to RIMPA’s 2016/2017 Member Survey.   The purpose of the research is to help RIMPA better understand how to improve the value they provide to our members. The results will provide a comprehensive view of the value that belonging to RIMPA provides, delivering valuable data that we can use to focus our activities on the most important issues you identify.   Your individual responses will not be identified, so we encourage you to provide honest and objective feedback.   Depending on your answers it should take around 10-15 minutes to complete. We appreciate that the survey may seem a bit long, however, we want to make sure we have a complete picture to allow RIMPA to develop future directions, and as such we appreciate your time to complete the survey.   If you have any questions in relation to the study, please contact Kate Walker at or 0409 250 795.   Thank you for taking part. Your views are important, and we welcome your feedback.



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