RIMPA Consultation Site

RIMPA Consultation site on Google

This Google site has been created following requests from members to have a members-only webpage. The page will keep members abreast of the current situation regarding the governance and leadership of RIMPA.  Please note, as some matters are subject to ongoing legal action, or legal advice, we may be limited in what we can report.

The normal RIMPA website remains the official communications platform for RIMPA.  However, this Google site is for Members wanting to remain abreast of developments, or read and comment on various matters that have been raised by the membership.

Before you use this site, we ask that you read, understand, and agree to the RIMPA consultation site terms of use.  Use of this site assumes agreement with the following:
Link to terms of use:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LCnsoScpzwDgMCWES71FOkVeObGtyOy6X_wgzB76aGc/edit

We accept that we have been slow to answer some questions under the circumstances. In some cases this is due to seeking legal advice, and checking things carefully to ensure we are meeting our obligations as Board Directors.  This includes respecting staff privacy, maintaining confidentiality of Company information, and other considerations. There are various RIMPA policies, and wider legislation for which Board Directors must comply.

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