Call For Papers | RIMPA Live Convention 2019

Submissions for RIMPA Live 2019 – the 35th Records and Information Management Professionals
Australasia’s convention – are now officially open.

RIMPA Live 2019 provides industry professionals with an unparalleled forum for disseminating and
exchanging cutting-edge ideas and knowledge. The world-renowned conference offers a rare opportunity for
industry professionals to showcase their research and work to respected peers on a national stage.

Thought leaders and architects of change in the information management industry are invited to present
40-minute presentations or facilitate 80-minute workshops at RIMPA Live 2019.

The records and information industry are constantly evolving and responding to the times and landscape that
the business finds itself in. The theme for RIMPA Live 2019 is RIMPA in Time: From Here In, From Here
On, and From Here to Eternity. To find out more, download the detailed call for papers below.

Call for Papers FINAL

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