Noobeau Riche

Noobeau Riche

The support for New Professionals is at an all-time high! When RIMPA Noobs was established three years ago, the project came from several places; purposeful energy for action and real change, gratefulness for being gainfully employed within the Information Management industry, a need for community, and a desire to give back in a way that would support others trying to break into — or across — the GLAMR sectors. It also came from the wish to experiment with a new sustainable, yet agile, model.

Volunteer for volunteers anyone?

Now in 2018, the Noobs team have continued creating opportunities for students and new professionals to connect both with each other and experienced mentors (either through events or volunteering), and to share their thoughts in voice and/or print.

Article – RIMPA Noobs – State Seminar 2018 (1)


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