About RIM Professionals Australasia

Who are RIM Professionals Australasia?

RIM Professionals Australasia (Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia) is the peak organisation for the records and information management profession in Australasia and the largest in the southern hemisphere. For almost 50 vigorous years RIM Professionals Australasia has supported and promoted best practice in the records and information management profession and has developed strategic alliances with other professional peak bodies. Representing over 1500 records and information management professionals and organisations in the private sector and Commonwealth, Federal, State and Local Governments, RIM Professionals Australasia has active branches/chapters across Australia and New Zealand.

What can RIM Professionals Australasia do for you?

RIM Professionals Australasia is the hub for managers of data, records, information and knowledge who want to develop their skills and augment their experience.  As part of its commitment to cultivating gold standard practice in records and information management, RIM Professionals Australasia provides:  

  • leading edge resources and products;
  • superior education and training;
  • dynamic educational events such as conferences, workshops and webinars;
  • opportunities for global networking;
  • representation of its membership to international and Australasian governance bodies; and
  • mentoring opportunities.

As a strong advocate of best practice, RIM Professionals Australasia delivers the networks and resources to help make informed decisions about data integrity to create robust strategies now and into the future.  As corporates and government agencies worldwide endeavour to manage information risk and governance through transparency and to comply with their legal responsibilities, their  records and information professionals are driving improved business processes in this new world of big data, digital disruption and information overload.  Many of them are already members of RIM Professionals Australasia.

What can you do now?

Since 1969 RIM Professionals Australasia has been helping individuals and organisations like yours to manage your information and data as an organisation’s asset.  If you would like further information about how to become a member, give us a call or drop us a line at http://rimpa.com.au/contacts/


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