Public Relations Strategy


In order to support our activities and to promote the best interests of our Association, it was important to develop a broader concept of our industry, and as an outcome put in place a public relations strategy that best suits our Association.

While there currently exists a failure to recognise the wide-ranging importance of our industry, and a lack of community and political knowledge about the range of benefits the records and information management industry provides directly to the public and private sector, and its leadership in the areas of record keeping, data management and e-commerce, the RIM Professionals Australasia are working towards reducing this lack of recognition.

To this end, the RIM Professionals Australasia are developing a public relations strategy that assists the Association achieve the strategic goal of increasing awareness of the records management industry to markets outside the current RIM Professionals Australasia membership base.

The purpose of this is to review the RIM Professionals Australasia’s public relations needs and to improve the RIM Professionals Australasia’s media profile and capabilities.

Our objectives include:

  • Improve the image, and increase the exposure, of the records and information management profession
  • Determine the role of public relations in the Association
  • Determine what outcomes are required
  • Determine what strategies and resources are needed to achieve these outcomes
  • Evaluate current strategies, structures and resourcing
  • Recommend how the RIM Professionals Australasia can more effectively organise responses to deliver communication outcomes

Key outcomes to date include:

  • More informative, more relevant and better designed IQ – RIM Professionals Australasia Quarterly magazine
  • Targetted marketing campaigns
  • Improved response times to news articles of interest
  • Improved response times to member queries, comments or concerns
  • Increased involvement in stakeholder information sharing forums (eg ARES)
  • Increased effort to recognise and reward contributions to the records and information management profession
  • Appointment of a dedicated Marketing and Convention Manager
  • Support of like industries and related courses & seminars