Organisation Structure

RIM Professionals Australasia Organisational Structure


Organisational Structure

The Board of Directors consists of 1 elected member from each Branch. The Board sets direction and manages the Business of the Association.  They elect a Chairman of the Board from the Board of Directors who formally represents the organisation. The Board is responsible for overseeing the affairs of the company and setting strategic direction and goals for the delivery of services to Members and in promotion the value of good records and information management to the community.

The Regional Branches are all managed by Branch/Territory Councils. These Councils implement company directives and strategic plans as necessary and organise events for their local members. Attendance at events organised by Branch Councils offers the most direct way for members to become involved in the networking and educational opportunities offered by the Association.

Some of the Regional Branches have Chapters, which represent a specific industry sector within their geographical area. The Chapters are managed by Chapter Councils, who report to the relevant Branch Council. At present the Chapters in existence represent the interests of record keeping professionals working in various levels of government.

The organisation also has paid staff, reporting to the Chairman, who run the day to day operations of the company based on the directives and initiatives of the Board through the Strategic Plan.