Branch Elections FAQ

1.     What is the term length for positions on Branch Council?

Councillor is 1 year, Branch President is 2 years, Company Director is 3 years.

2.     Who can nominate for Branch Council?

Any current financial member (Student, Corporate Nominee, Associate, Member Fellow, and Emeritus) can stand for Branch Council; however, only Professional members (Associate, Member and Fellow) can stand for the position/s of Branch President and/or Company Director.

3.     Where can I find the nomination form?

The nomination form can be downloaded from the members only website.

4.     When are Branch Elections to be held?
 Branch General Meetings / Elections should be held in July each year.
5.     When do the General Meeting / Elections need to be advertised?

The notice of meeting should be sent to all Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIM Professionals Australasia) members, posted on the RIM Professionals Australasia website and the RIM Professionals Australasia Listserv as soon as practical and a reminder should be sent 1 week prior to the meeting.

6.     How many people make up a Branch Council?

A maximum of 15 people and a minimum of 5 professional members make up a Branch Council.

7.     What are the positions on Branch Council?

Different structures work well in different parts of the country (eg. Branches thriving in some, professional development groups in others), it is suggested that each Branch should establish whatever structure it determines is most appropriate to best meet the needs of members in that region.  The only requirement placed on each Branch is that it should have a President to manage and oversee its affairs and report back to the Company.  In addition, each Branch is to appoint one person to be a member of the Company Board (this person may be the President or another professional member).

8.     How do I nominate for Branch Council?

You can either be nominated by two Professional Members before the General Meeting (to the Business Support Officer) OR you can be nominated at the actual meeting.

9.     Everyone on Branch Council seems to be more experienced and qualified than me…..

Everyone is welcome to sit on Branch Council – everyone had to start somewhere. We are all volunteers and the more hands, the easier the work.  Don’t feel intimidated …… your help is appreciated.

10.   What if more than 1 person stands for the 1 position?

If a ballot is required for the position (i.e. more than 1 person stands for the position), our Business Support Officer will undertake the role of the Returning Officer and send out voting papers to all Professional Members (only Professional Members have the capacity to vote as per our Constitution).

11.    How long do I have to stay on Branch Council?

Appointment to Branch Council is for 1 year, but of course if your situation changes it is up to you to determine if you are able to continue on the Council or not.  If you are appointed as the President, you are elected for a period of two (2) years.  If you are appointed as the Company Director, you are elected for a period of three (3) years.

12.    What if people want to join the Branch during the year?

Branches’ can fill any casual vacancies at any of their meetings.

13.    What should I hear at the General Meeting in relation to my Branch’s activities?

You should hear about the activities held for the preceding year and a financial positioning statement in relation to Branch activities for the preceding and current financial years.

14.    How do I put an item on my Branch’s Agenda?

Forward the item to the Branch President at least 21 days before the meeting to ensure that it is listed on the Agenda. You can ask questions from the floor at the meeting, but your question may be taken on notice and a response provided at a later date.

15.    What is a quorum for Branch Council meetings?

To hold a Branch Council Meeting, you should have at least 3 members (including the President) in attendance.

16.    How often does Branch Council meet?

Branch Council meetings shall be held as and when necessary with at least four (4) meetings to be held per year.

17.    What if my region fails to elect a Branch Council?

The Company Board takes responsibility for your region and will work with members to deliver member services and work towards reigniting a Branch Council.

18.    What is the purpose of a Branch Council?

The Branch structure exists for a number of purposes, some of these are:-

  • To provide opportunities to meet with other members and discuss/debate issues of local/regional/national / international interests.
  • To keep up to date with changes in legislation/policy/technical knowledge/technical advances, etc.
  • To exchange information through networking.
  • Provide a two-way communication network between members locally and Company matters.
  • To provide opportunities to arrange seminars, courses, conferences, workshops and other training events on a local/regional level to meet the needs of members and to provide CPD opportunities.
  • To provide an opportunity and mechanism for members to inform the Association of issues of concern/importance and perceived training needs, etc.
  • To provide a means of communicating issues, policies etc. with the general membership.
19.    Who should I contact to discuss Branch elections further?

 Either your local Branch President or the RIM Professionals Australasia’s Chair of the Board: