Jim Shepherd Award

Jim Shepherd

Jim Shepherd



This award was named in honour of one of the Association’s founding fathers, Jim Shepherd.  It recognizes long-term value towards RIMPA, industry / profession development and/or industry / profession co-operation and is presented in 2 categories being RIMPA Branch and Vendor.

The RIMPA Branch category winner is chosen based on the RIMPA Branch Balanced Scorecard which each Branch is required to complete annually.  The Vendor category is open to nomination and the criteria can be downloaded below.

Vendor category – Criteria and Nomination form:  Jim Shepherd Award – Jim Shepherd Vendor Criteria and Nomination

Nominations close 30 June and should be emailed to  jo.kane@rimpa.com.au

The awards are presented each year at the RIM Professionals Australasia Gala Awards Dinner as part of the inForum Convention.


Prior to 2016

The RIM Professionals Australasia Jim Shepherd Award previously ran from 2004 to 2015

It was awarded to vendors in recognition of both their support of Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIM Professionals Australasia) and of services to the records and information management industry.  It was awarded in two categories being:  National / Multi-National Company and Regional Company.

The criteria changed in 2017 however the intention and spirit of the award remains the same.