Qld Chris Simpson Award

The Queensland Local Government and Corporations Chapter sponsors the Chris Simpson Awards.

The awards recognise excellence through the practical application of Innovation & Marketing, Partnership & Teamwork and Mentoring in Queensland.  Named after one of the Chapter’s founders, the Chris Simpson Awards for excellence in records and information management are presented annually.  The awards also honour Chris’ 30 years of commitment and support to RIMPA.


Nominations open 3 August and close on the 10 September with the winners announced at the annual Chapter symposium.


There are three award categories:


The Chris Simpson Award for Innovation and Marketing recognises individuals or groups that have either delivered recordkeeping throughout their organisation that has led to the production of innovative services or raised the view of recordkeeping within their organisation through a pioneering marketing program.


The Chris Simpson Award for Partnership & Teamwork recognises individuals or groups who have worked cooperatively toward a common goal utilising an effective method of transferring ‘know how’ among all involved, therefore creating and sustaining a working relationship to enable the elevation of recordkeeping within an organization.


The Chris Simpson Award for Mentoring recognises and honours individuals in records and information management who, as exemplary mentors and advisors, have significantly and consistently supported the personal and professional development of others.


Please see the attached documents for further details and the nomination form:   Chris Simpson Awards Criteria