Qld Harry Haxton Shield

Harry Haxton Shields

The Queensland Branch sponsors the Harry Haxton Shields.

Named after one of Queensland’s founding fathers, the award honours Harry Haxton who encouraged our industry to push the boundaries and achieve more than what we ever thought possible.  Harry was the inaugural lecturer in Records Management in Qld and a strong champion for educated professionals in our industry.

The shields recognise an outstanding student, a new professional and an outstanding group within the RIM profession who have excelled during the preceding 12 months.

Nominations open 1 February and close 30 April with the winners announced at the annual Qld Branch State Conference.

There are three award categories:

Outstanding Student

This category is awarded to a student who has achieved excellence in educational studies in records and information management.  The award is open to both full time and part time students who have completed a dedicated records and information management course within the preceding 12 months.

New Professional

This category is awarded to a new professional to the records and information management industry who has demonstrated significant potential to succeed within the profession.  The award is open to members who have received professional status in the preceding 12 months.  Nominations for this award are submitted by Branch Council members.

Outstanding Group

The Outstanding Group Award is open to groups, other than RIM Professionals Australasia Committees who have achieved excellence in records and information management and made an outstanding contribution to records and information management in Queensland in the preceding 12 months.

Please see the attached documents for further details and the nomination form: Qld RIM Excellence Awards (003)



2017 – Winners

Individual Shield – Meryl Bourke

Group Shield – Griffith University, Business Enablement Team

2016 – Winners

Individual Shield – Jennifer Curley

Group Shield – Information Management Services University of Sunshine Coast

Student Shield – Nicole Mathison

Four special Shields were also conferred recognising ongoing and continuous sponsorship support to special industry partners who year after year support an event or multiple events organised by Queensland Branch.   The ongoing support of these companies is truly appreciated by everyone on Branch Council and deserves to be recognised.  Congratulations and thank you to:

  • EzeScan
  • The Information Management Group
  • Objective
  • Records Solutions
2013 – Outstanding Group

Logan City Council – Records Management Program

2012 – Outstanding Individual

Derek Turner, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba

 2012 – Student Award

Kaye England, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba

2011 – Outstanding Group – Large Organisation

Strategic Recordkeeping and Information Solutions Units, Transport and Main Roads

2011 – Outstanding Group – Small Organisation

Scenic Rim Regional Council

2010 – Outstanding Individual

Nancy Taia, ARIM

2010 – Outstanding Group

Moreton Bay Regional Council Records Management Standardisation Project Team

2009 – Outstanding Individual

Michael Vale

2009 – Outstanding Group

Energex Ltd eDRMS Project Team

2008 – Outstanding Individual

Meryl Bourke, MRIM

2008 – Outstanding Group

Residential Tenancies Authority Recordkeeping Project Team