Records Management Research & Education Grant


The goal of the RIM Professionals Australasia Research and Education Grant is to award a grant on an annual basis to support a research project that will enhance records management.


To support research on an RIM Professionals Australasia position in records management. An emphasis will be placed sharing the results of the project with the membership, in addition to any national distribution, publication or presentation.

Types of Research Projects

Proposals may include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Research project resulting in a published article, essay, book or electronic document.
  2. Research project resulting in a presentation at a RIMPA event.
  3. Development of an instructional application or curriculum guide.
  4. Development and execution of a survey, study, or report.

The Committee shall assist grant recipients with the sharing of results with the membership when an obvious method is not apparent.


  1. Applicants for the grant must be members of the Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia. For group projects, at least one member of the group must be a RIM Professionals Australasia member.
  2. The project must benefit a significant number of records management professionals. Strongest consideration will be given to the project that holds the greatest potential benefit for the widest audience.
  3. Applicants must submit 2 letters of reference from professional colleagues who are knowledgeable of applicant’s work and ability to complete the stated project.
  4. Prior recipients may not apply for a grant within three years of the acceptance date of a previous grant from this committee.

Application Procedure

  1. Applicants for the grant will submit proposals outlining their intended project.
  2. The proposal must contain the following elements.
    • A descriptive title.
    • Goals and objectives of the project.
  3. A problem statement.
    • Include a description of how the project should be viewed within the context of the literature, research or other similar projects in the field.
    • Significance and expected impact or implications of the project.
  4. Design and methodology of the project.
  5. Scope of the project.
  6. Project tasks.
  7. Timetable and completion dates.
  8. Proposed means of disseminating the results.
  9. Statement of the intended use of the grant money.

Terms of the Grant

  1. Grant recipients will read and sign the Terms of the Agreement.
  2. Grant recipients will submit a brief status report to the Education Committee at the halfway point of the project. The report should include the progress of the research, tasks completed, tasks yet to complete, and any proposed schedule revisions.
  3. The support of the RIM Professionals Australasia should be acknowledged in the final format of the project.
  4. If the project is not completed, the grant recipient will return the full award amount within 60 days of the intended completion date.

Selection Committee

  1. There shall be a committee of three members, appointed by the RIM Professionals Australasia National Board to review all proposals.
  2. No two members of the committee shall work at the same institution.
  3. Committee terms shall be three year appointments. Terms shall be staggered so that committee members shall rotate on and off the committee. Once established, one new member shall join the committee each year. Once established the Chair shall be the Director of Education.
  4. The Selection Committee will review the eligibility of the applicant and verify that the proposed project meets the conditions of acceptable projects.
  5. The Selection Committee shall promote the availability of the grant.
  6. Responsibilities of the Chair of the Grant Committee shall include:
    • Schedule meetings of the committee.
    • Communicate with the applicants, acknowledge all applications in a timely manner, convey decisions to the RIM Professionals Australasia Executive Board and to grant recipients.
    • Communicate with RIM Professionals Australasia Treasurer who shall issue cheques.
    • Maintain the records of the committee.

Time Table

  1. An application form shall be made available to any interested member. Grant seekers may request application forms from the Chief Executive Officer or obtain a form from the RIM Professionals Australasia Home Page.
  2. A flyer soliciting grant proposals shall be distributed at the annual convention.
  3. The Chair shall make appointments to the Research Grant Selection Committee in September of each year.
  4. The submission deadline will be June 30.
  5. The award shall be decided before the annual general meeting and announced at the annual general meeting.
  6. A project should be completed within a two year period. The two year period shall not apply to the time a work is in the hands of a publisher, or the time between the completion of a project and the delivery of the results at a conference, or any such similar waiting periods beyond project completion and dissemination of results.

Closing dateĀ 30 JuneĀ 

Grant Application

RIMPA Research Grant Application