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Document Management Consultancy
PO Box 35
Highpoint City
VIC 3032
03 9318 6886

Document Management Consultancy has been providing independent information management services to a variety of Organisations both locally and internationally since 1994.  Our approach to information management is innovative, personalized yet professional.  All systems designed by us comply with all relevant regulatory and industry requirements, without compromising efficiencies.

As we are vendor neutral we can provide customized solutions that fit the Client, rather than having the Client compromise to fit an OOTB packaged solution.  In addition we have the ability to draw upon the expertise of leading specialists in complimentary industries enabling a synergistic approach to information resources management.

We have experience with all major recordkeeping systems,  and have designed architectures for SharePoint and AvePoint, either integrated with other recordkeeping packages or as compliant systems in their own right.

Services provided include:

* Information architectures for ECM, EDRMS, etc

* Information management strategic planning, implementation including governance  policy and standards  development,

*  Systems analysis, design, and compliance auditing, including development of KPI’s and Continuous Improvement Programs,

*  Development of thesauri and classification systems, (functional and other), disposal authorities and other supportive tools,

*  Business process mapping & strategic re-engineering supporting the electronic environment of business,

*  Storage analysis services including audits, spatial planning and management, and storage strategies and recommendations,

*  Staff competency assessments,

*  Development of change management and compliance strategies

*  Provision of training either Corporate, individual or industry specific

*  Provision of full-time, casual, contractual and sessional/project based personnel (Victoria only)

Client Sector Include:

*  Higher Education and VET,

*  Local, State and Federal Government, including Agencies, Outer Sectors, and State Owned Corporations,

*  Mining,

*  Medical,

*  Associations both professional and industrial,

*  Not for Profit,

*  National and Multinational Corporations,

*  Small and medium businesses

Let us help you improve the ease and efficacy of your information management systems by piecing together your unique solution.

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