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RIM Professionals Australasia offers benefits to members including discounts to attend events, free quarterly publication “IQ”, access to an extensive amount of information including past seminar and convention proceedings, a continuing professional development scheme, negotiated discount rates for other organisations events and special offers from retail providers as well as a vast network of contacts in the industry through multiple channels.

For little more than the cost of a coffee a week you can become an individual member of the association and invest in your professional future:

Cost of Membership

Membership Rates
Status Ex GST Inc GST
(Australia Only)
Individual status AU$331.82+ gst AU$365.00
Student FREE – 1st Yr
AU$31.82 + gst
FREE – 1st Yr
Students can be part or full time and working less than 25 hours per week but are required to submit proof of  enrolment
New Graduate, Unemployed or Retired Member AU$90.91 + gst AU$100.00
Certified (Professional) status AU$286.36 + gst AU$315.00
Status Ex GST Inc GST
(Australia Only)
Associate Member AU$286.36 + gst AU$315.00 New members must first join as an individual.  Thereafter a separate application must be completed to apply for status upgrade.
Chartered Member AU$286.36 + gst AU$315.00
Fellow AU$286.36 + gst AU$315.00
Status Ex GST Inc GST
(Australia Only)
Category A (1-3 nominees AU$331.82 + gst AU$365.00 per Nominees
Category B (4-5 nominees) AU$281.82 + gst AU$310.00 per Nominees
Category C (6-9 nominees) AU$263.64 + gst AU$290.00 per Nominees
Category D (10+ nominees) AU$250.00 + gst AU$275.00 per Nominees
Please note : all rates are in Australian dollars

Any application for membership should be submitted on the Membership Application and be accompanied by the annual membership subscription.

Membership Types


The RIM Professionals Australasia offers four (4) sub-categories of Individual Membership, these are:


A person may be admitted as an Individual member who is:

  • interested in promoting the objectives of the Association, and is working in a related field of Records and Information Management; or
  • interested in promoting the objectives of the Association, is employed full time in the Records and Information Management field but is not qualified to be a Certified Professional Member (Associate, Chartered Member or Fellow)

Individual is an excellent starting point for membership.  No post-nominals or voting rights apply at this level of membership


Professional membership is achieved through the recognition of an individuals work, skill level and knowledge in the records and information management industry.   There are three (3) levels of Certified Membership –

  • Associate Member (ARIM),
  • Chartered Member (MRIM) and
  • Fellow (FRIM).

Professional members are the only ones in the association who can vote at the AGM, hold senior positions on Branch Council or be a Director.  They receive post-nominals in recognition of their achievement which are widely recognised in the industry.

For more details on benefits of each level and how to upgrade see Upgrading Membership


Student membership is available for those people studying a course in a records and information related discipline and also working less than 25 hours per week.  Students are offered their first years membership for free and a substantially discounted rate thereafter.  In most cases heavily discounted rates are also offered to students to attend events.  Students often find access to the members only area of particular benefit as it contains many papers and presentations which can be referenced.

New Graduate

This is membership category applies to those who have recently completed their studies.  This category applies for the membership year (1 July – 30 June) immediately following graduation and is for one year only.  Proof of recent graduation must be supplied when membership application is submitted.

Retired or Unemployed

This level of membership is for those who have held membership in one of the preceding sub-categories, and wish to suspend their full membership whilst still maintaining contact with the Association.


This level of membership is for those organisations, companies or trade suppliers who are working in the industry, interested in developments within the profession, or interested in promoting improved information and records management services.

Each Corporate Membership specifies nominees who receive membership benefits whilst in the employ of the corporate membership.  Only those people specified as nominees are entitled to receive the offered membership benefits and discounts, not the entire organization.

Corporate membership is available to all organisations involved with or interested in Records and Information Management services sector. Current members include State, Commonwealth and Local Government organisations, Archival Institutes, Banks, Accounting Firms, Universities, Private firms, consultants and suppliers.

RIM Professionals Australasia membership provides the nominated staff within your organisation the opportunity to develop and maintain their technical knowledge of the industry. RIM Professionals Australasia membership allows individuals within organisations to keep abreast of changes in the industry and ensure your organisation is compliant with various Acts, for example the introduction of the Privacy Act, BAS and International Standard on Records Management.

Note: A professional member cannot be a nominee of a corporate membership.

Application for Membership Form

RIMPA Membership Application