Statement of Ethical Practice

This Statement of Ethical Practice (the Statement) is based on the core values of RIM Professionals Australasia members and, more broadly, of the RIM profession. It provides the ethical foundation of the RIM profession and sets the industry standard for professional practice.

The Statement seeks to remind RIM professionals of their wider responsibilities to the law and the community, as well as of their responsibilities as managers, professionals and mentors. It is designed to assist individuals to assess and analyse their situations and behaviour, while at the same time communicating our professional values to new practitioners, stakeholders, and the public.

Each of us sets an example for each other – as well as all RIM professionals – by our pursuit of excellence, professionalism and ethical conduct.  This Statement is designed to be a useful guide for RIM Professionals Australasia members as they carry out these ethical responsibilities.

Ethical Practice

The level of public trust RIM Professionals Australasia members seek, as we serve the community and our employers, means we have taken on an obligation to operate ethically.

Ethical practice entails:

  • Protecting accountability and the public interest
  • Preserving records of continuing value
  • Maintaining integrity
  • Protecting rights and privileged information
  • Supporting equitable and appropriate access to information
  • Being objective and independent
  • Acting competently
  • Continuing to develop your knowledge, skills and competencies
  • Satisfying your responsibilities to your employer /client
  • Promoting recordkeeping and information management

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