Course Recognition

Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIM Professionals Australasia) offers academic institutions formal RIM Professionals Australasia recognition of their records and information management courses.

The RIM Professionals Australasia recognition program has three major objectives:

  • to enable academic institutions to apply for formal RIM Professionals Australasia recognition of their courses
  • to provide such institutions with the opportunity to test their course curricula against RIM Professionals Australasia expertise and knowledge of ‘best practice’ and the Australian Standard AS 4390, adapting as appropriate to the various levels of competence described in the National Records and Archives Competency Standards; and
  • to establish a measure by which to identify specific qualifications which may be used in determining professional status for members of the Association
  • In providing this opportunity, the RIM Professionals Australasia anticipates that institutions will be able to seek recognition of courses without excessive expenditure of time, effort or cost.

Quick Guide – How to Apply

  1. Self-assess your course against the Statement of Knowledge for Recordkeeping Professionals and decide whether it complies or not
  2. Complete the appropriate recognition submission (ie complies or does not comply)
  3. Submit your course recognition request along with proof as required
  4. The course will be assessed (can take up to 3 months and may require a site visit)
  5. If approved you will be notified in writing, your course will be added to our website, you can advertise your courses for free at inForum on our Education stand and you can use your recognition on any official/promotional communications.