RIMPA Mentoring Program

This program has been established to match industry professionals with students, recent graduates, or people working in the industry to provide career guidance and support and to facilitate a transition into the records and information management industry.


The benefits of the RIMPA Mentoring Program which provides you with a “Personal Information Guidance Companion “include:

  • Learning from skilled mentors to reach your personal goals.
  • Increase your skills and knowledge
  • Expand your networking reach
  • Increase your profile in the records management industry
  • Identify and plan self-development
  • Share new ideas
  • Receive articulate knowledge
  • Develop professional confidence
  • Reflection of your own experiences
  • RIMPA membership


The RIMPA Mentoring Program is formally controlled, offering mentors experienced in both records management and those additional skills that are now required to be an effective Records Management professional. Each mentee is partnered with a primary and secondary mentor to ensure that the right skills are available to each mentee as required.

The program refers to all topics and issues relating to records management including but not limited to:

  • Records management fundamentals
  • Information Management
  • Document Management
  • Thesaurus and classification skills
  • Digitisation of records
  • Archiving
  • Records – system migration
  • Decommissioning of systems
  • Change Management
  • Marketing Records Management
  • Development of Policies and standards
  • Information Architecture Advice
  • Records management training development
  • Privacy of Information
  • Access to Information
  • Information security
  • eDRMS Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Cloud Services Advice
  • eDRMS Evaluation
  • Recordkeeping compliance
  • Governance frameworks
  • Strategic Planning


The RIMPA Mentoring Program provides each mentee:

  • Initial orientation session between mentor and mentee to determine capability and agreed objectives
  • Mentee action plan – To determine activities that ensure mentoring goals are met. The mentee will complete the plan with help from the mentor
  • Mentoring log – The mentee and mentor should record their meetings and activities to show progress achieved and assist with end-of-program feedback.
  • Phone and email access to your mentors as required throughout the agreed subscription period. (expected 10 -12 hours)
  • Assessment and editing of up to four documents per year developed by yourself relating to your role and or records management.
  • Provision of additional resource material outside of that offered on the RIMPA members website.
  • A list of recommended links to be provided in relation to current trends and preferred contacts for general information


  • At the mid- point of the program (6 or 3 months after commencement) mentees and mentors are to complete the mid-point evaluation form.
  • Overall program evaluation between mentor and mentee.
  • Follow-up evaluation three months after the completion of the program to measure the success of the program.
  • Mentor graduation ceremony to be held in conjunction with the annual Inforum Conference.

To find out more about RIMPA mentoring program please email admin@rimpa.com.au