Statement of Knowledge

The statement of knowledge was produced by the ASA/RIM Professionals Australasia joint Education Steering committee and identifies the unique body of theory, standards and ethics that differentiates recordkeeping professionals from other professionals.

The recordkeeping profession is diverse in scope but comparatively small in population. As with any profession, knowledge is core to the recordkeeping profession and allows its members to move between contexts, including different organisations and recordkeeping environments. Records continuum concepts underpin this statement of knowledge.  The continuum does not separate past, present and future roles, processes, archives and records, and places records in organisational and community contexts or dimensions.

This statement of knowledge is a guiding document that forms a foundation for the responsibilities of the recordkeeping profession. The primary audience is the recordkeeping profession and aims to inform:

  • the design of educational programs, assessment and qualifications frameworks;
  • course recognition and accreditation; and
  • membership of professional associations

A further document was produced for the Statement of Knowledge which covers Tasks, Competencies and Salaries for Recordkeeping Professionals.

ASA/RIM Professionals Australasia Statement of Knowledge for the Archives, Records and Information Management Professions – Exposure draft (August 2012)

ASA and RIM Professionals Australasia have produced an exposure draft of a revised version of the Statement of Professional Knowledge after considering changes in the big picture for the profession over the last few years, and responses to the statement from practitioners and educators. It is now available for comment and discussion by members, leading to its final revision in 2012/13.

Download the Statement of Knowledge