Many of the webinars previously run by RIMPA are available for ‘on-demand’ viewing.

There are 2 ways to register:

  1. Paying by credit card – click on the chosen webinars link and pay via Paypal using your credit card.  A tax invoice (receipt) will not be issued unless specifically requested by emailing admin@rimpa.com.au
  2. Paying by any other means – do not click on the chosen webinars link.  Email admin@rimpa.com.au and ask to be registered for the webinar of your choice.  You will receive a tax invoice for payment.

In both cases once your payment has been received and cleared you will be sent an email containing access information to the chosen webinar.

Terms and Conditions

  • CPD points are earned for viewing webinars
  • A certificate of Attendance will not be issued for recorded webinars
  • A registration entitles one person to view the webinar
  • The webinar is not to be saved, copied or shared
  • Payment must be received and cleared before you receive your access

By continuing you are agreeing to the outlined terms and conditions.

Available On-Demand Webinars

To see the list of available webinars:


To see abstracts for the currently available webinars:  Abstracts for RIMPA On-Demand Webinars


Webinars – FAQ’s

With each webinar release we receive a number of common queries. Here is a quick guide to the most frequent questions:

Who can access the webinars?

Anyone is welcome to access our webinars however pricing differs for members and non-members.

I do not have a corporate credit card can I get an invoice?

Yes you can register and receive an invoice by registering via the RIMPA Event Calendar link for upcoming webinars or by emailing admin@rimpa.com.au for on-demand webinars.

I cannot pay online using the registration link in the email.

Some companies security settings do not allow access to Paypal which is used for registration for on-demand webinars. You can still register but you will need to do so via admin@rimpa.com.au instead.

I am having trouble registering online will I have a problem viewing the webinar?

The security settings that may prevent you from registering via the website link do not apply to the actual webinar viewing – you should have no issues viewing the webinar.

You can test your Internet access and settings via: http://www.redbackconferencing.com.au/system_test/

I cannot view the webinar live, will it be made available later?

All of our webinars are recorded and made available on-demand approximately 1 week after they have run live. You can access the listing via the RIMPA website: Webinars On Demand

The webinars are available on-demand for 12 months after they have run.

I have registered to attend but now can’t, am I still able to view it?

Every participant who registers to attend the live webinar receives a link after the event to enable them to view it (or view it again).

Do I get a Certificate of Attendance?

If you attend the live webinar you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. If you view the webinar at a later date or on demand you will not, however you can still claim the CPD points.