Brochures & Posters

RIM Professionals Australasia offers a range of brochures, posters and publications for purchase through our Online Store as follows:

Competencies Pyramid Poster

Demonstrates expected skill and knowledge levels of RIM Professionals at varying levels of expertise.

Information Management Poster

Designed to emphasise the need for everyone using technology to be aware of their recordkeeping responsibilities.

Disaster Preparation and Recovery Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide provides easy to follow tips for preparing for a disaster, recovery tips for cleaning up after a disaster and salvage tips for saving as much as you can.  It is not a replacement for professional assistance from a conservation/preservation expert but offers practical advice for things that you can do to make their job easier and reduce your losses.  It is available in either electronic format or hard copy, with a bonus CD from the sponsor Steamatic provided with the hard copy.

RIM @ Work Brochure Series

Series of PDF documents available to explain records and information management to your organisation at large

  • Records: Why should I bother?
  • First aid for records
  • The Information Audit

Industry Poster Series

Cartoon Style posters (A2 size) each depicting a slogan and situation for a specific industry or topic related to records and information management

  • Disaster Recovery “Records management: The life preserver your business needs”
  • Legal  “Don’t court trouble: Manage your records”
  • Finance  “Invest in recordkeeping and show good returns”
  • Human Resources  “People and records: You can’t manage one without the other”
  • Private Sector  “Records management: It IS your business”

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