iRMA – Information & Records Management Annual

RIM Professionals Australasia is pleased to announce the release of iRMA 2010.

iRMA is the RIM Professionals Australasia’s Information & Records Management Annual and this edition is packed with ten refereed articles and case studies which are sure to add value to your workplace.

iRMA is available free to all members as an ezine and to Fellow and Chartered Member members only in the members only area .  It is also available for purhase on CD through the online store for members and non members alike.

Cost of iRMA on CD is:

Non Members: AU$70.00 (+ GST if applicable)

Individual and Corporate Members:  AU$50.00 (+ GST if applicable)

Associate Members:  AU$30.00 (+ GST if applicable)

Fellow and Chartered Member members:  AU$10.00 (+ GST if applicable)