Information Awareness Month

Every year we celebrate May as Information Awareness Month (IAM).  It is an opportunity for our members to promote records and information management in their organisations and raise awareness of the industry and the important role it plays.

The purpose of Information Awareness Month is to increase awareness of the breadth of the information industry and the importance of properly maintaining good records and information as it relates to everyone from global Corporations through to small business and even the homemaker.  A series of information events are run throughout May each year where collaborating bodies run events of direct interest to their members or join with other bodies to run joint events to promote cross-fertilisation of knowledge.  It is hoped that through information sharing awareness within the wider community can be raised.

The initiative is commonly referred to as the acronym “I AM” as in I am an Archivist, I am a Librarian, I am a Document Manager, etc reflecting the diversity of roles in the information sector.

Organisations that collaborate with RIM Professionals Australasia to celebrate IAM include:

  • National Archives of Australia (NAA)
  • Public Records Office of Victoria (PROV)
  • Australian Society of Archivists (ASA)
  • Institute of Information Management (IIM)
  • Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA)

This collaborative initiative reflects that the organisations involved are recognised as some of the most widely respected professional bodies in the information management community, not only within Australasia but worldwide.


Since 2015 the Institute of Information Management (IIM) have managed Information Awareness Month in conjunction with National Archives of Australia.  While RIMPA are still involved in supporting the event we do not set the theme or produce materials such as posters.  The IAM website is